How to apply for a plot on any of our sites

Our sites are listed below. Each site is unique so there's a brief description to give you a flavour of what they're like. At the bottom of the page is a map showing where each site is located.

If you would like to find out more about letting a plot please contact our Secretary, Jane Fern, by email at: [email protected] or give him a call on 0117 960 3253. He will organise for you to have a tour of your prefered site and the letting of the plots.

Bell Hill

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Bell Hill is a small site with 49 plots that range from small to large; suitable for beginners and experienced growers alike.
Vehical access is from Garfield Road and there is a pedestrian gate on the footpath that runs along side Air Balloon Hill Primary School.



Hillside is a mid-size site with 63 plots ranging in size from very small to large; something for everyone.
Vehical access is from Kenn Road, with pedestiran access from the footpath shared with Air Balloon Hill Primary School.

If you are intrested in viewing the site please contact one of the following reps:


Hope is a mid-sized site with 59 plots ranging in size from medium to large.
Vehical access is down an access track off of The Kingsway. 

St. Aidans

Saint Aidans is our second largest site with just over 100 plots; sizes vary from a couple of small plots to very large. The BEAA's Pavilion, which houses the Associations shop is also on this site.
Vehical access is through the main gate on Nicholas Lane. There is also pedestrian access along a path from Nibletts Hill.

Stibbs Hill

Stibbs Hill is one of our smaller sites with fourteen plots. 
Vehical and pedestrian access is from the upper part of Stibbs Hill (off of Hillside Road.


Salisbury is an intimate site of eleven plots. Vehical access is via the lane off of Salisbury Road. Pedestrian access is via the access road from Salisbury Road or a lane off of Kingsway.

The Farm

The Farm is our largest site with well over 100 plots. Plots range from small right through to large. Vehical access is via the main gate at the end of Cousin's Lane, off of Summerhill Road.
There is also a pedestrian gate on the west side of the site near the childrens play area on Troopers Hill.

Shop Opening Hours
9:00am - 12.30pm Sunday
9.00am - 12.30pm
The Pavilion
Nicholas Lane
St. George
Bristol, BS5 8TY