Welcome to the Trading Post
The Trading Post is located on our St. Aidan's Site in The Pavilion.

We're open at weekends to all plot holders and invite you to come and say hello, stay for a chat and have a look around.

The shop stocks a surprising number of products and we work hard to give you excellent value at an affordable price.

On this page you'll find many of the products we stock. If there's something you're looking for and can't find please do let us know; we'll do our best to help.

If you have a specific query you're welcome to contact the Trading Officer, Fern Jane on the phone or by email.

N.B Members of the public are also welcome but will need to pay an annual honorary membership fee of 50p. 
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Local and Seasonal 

Locally Produced Honey
​​We still have some jars of this seasonal treat in stock. Hurry!! There won't be any more until the summer.
Free Range Eggs
Fresh free range eggs from a local farm.
​​Seed Potatoes  
If you're planning to grow spuds this year but have yet to buy them, we still have a selection of main, early, second earlys and salad seed potatoes in stock.
Onion Sets
Now is the time to get your onions in. We have a good selection of onion and chalotte sets in stock

£5.00 a jar
£1.20 for six
£1.70 per kilo
prices vary per kilo

Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds

Unwins Seeds
​​ A wide range of vegetable and herb seeds from Unwins is available.
Kings Seeds
We hold a good selection of vegetable seeds that are a really good buy, thanks to the NSALG membership discount.
​​Flower Seeds 
We also have a selection of flower seeds in stock. Perfect for attracting pollinators.
Herbs are a great thing to grow on your plot. Great for eating and pollinators love them too.​
Get 30p off each packet
Priced  Individually
Priced Individually
Priced Individualy

Compost & Manure 

Oaktree Horse Manure Compost
​​ ​​Ideal for digging into your beds before planting or as a top dressing for crops.

​Oaktree Multi-Purpose Compost
​​Ideal for sowing seeds, potting on or top dressing plants.
​​Oaktree Ericaceous Compost
​​Suitable for acid loving plants such as blueberries and sweet potatoes. 
​​Oaktree Growbags
Suitable for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other hungry salad crops.

45 Litres £2.60 
75 Litres £4.40 
40 Litres £2.60
80 Litres £4.10
3 x 80 Litres £11.50
70 Litres £3.70
2 x 70 Litres £6.00
£1.50 per bag

John Innes No. 3
Suitable for vigerouslygrowing plants such as tomatoes and chrysanths.
25 Litres £3.60

Fertilisers & Plant Feed

New Horizon Organic
All Round Fertiliser

An all-round organic fertilser for digging into soil before planting, feeding established plants and dressing lawns.

Maxicrop Organic 
Seaweed Meal
A Compost activator &
Soil conditioner.
Rich in minerals and trace elements and encourages beneficial soil bacteria.

Phostrogen Plant Feeder
General liquid fertiliser for your garden plants - just clip onto a hosepipe and apply to borders.
Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food

Child and pet friendly soluble plant feed for all flowers, fruit and vegetables. 
Will make 40 watering cans worth when diluted.
5 kg tub £5.80
2 x 5 kg tubs £11.00
Price TBC

Maxicrop Organic
Seaweed Extract

Use on early and mature plants. Stiulates better root growth and development.
Empathy rootgrow
Mycorrhizal Fungi
Apply to the rootball when replanting. Encourages a secondary rootsystem that increases plant vigour and drought resistance.
doff Tomato Feed Concentrate
Liquid Feed for tomato plants. Enriched with seaweed and magnesium for strong healthy growth.

Baby Bio

A general all-purpose liquid feed for house plants .
Price TBC

Animal & Bird Feed

Chicken Feed
A good selection of chicken feed; mash, pellets and grit.
Black Sunflower Seeds
With natural high oil content as well as protein and other vitamins and minerals, black sunflower seeds provide wild birds with the fats and energy they need. ​​

Fat Balls

Wild Bird Fat Balls are high energy suet balls to attract a wide variety of wild birds into your garden. Suitable for all year round feeding.
Niger Seed

Attracts Goldfinches, Siskins, Redpoll and Coal Tits, amongst others.

Grit - 70p per kilo
 Pellets - 50p per kilo
Mash & Pellets 20kg sack £7.60 
£1.25 per kilo
15p each
£1.40 per kilo

Pest & Disease Control

Slug Gone
​​Made from sheep fleece these pellets deter slugs and as they break down they feed your plants too.
Repeller Ribbon
This iridescent tape flashes and reflects light to repel birds, deer and other nuisance animals.
Fruit & Veg disease control
​​Treat peach leaf curl, apple and pear canker, cherry & plum canker, and blight on potatoes and outdoor tomatoes.  
Slug Pellets

These slug pellets do what it says on the tin.
25 Litres £3.60
£3.20 for 30 meters
30 Litres £4.00
£2.90 each
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